Homeschooling Resources

Homeschooling is becoming the choice for most parents

Why many parents are choosing homeschooling is not surprising. The Governors of New York and California have clearly made it known that they desire all students to be vaccinated against Covid-19, leaving many parents to search for expensive private schools or the alternative option of homeschooling.  Homeschooling is the the practice parents educating their children at home instead of sending them to a traditional public or private school. 

Families have become dissatisfied with the educational options available to them. They are worried that the traditional education should be reformed.  On this page, we have narrowed down several Homeschool options that would present the best options for our members.


Online Homeschools

We have separated the list of online homeschool options into two groups. Christian and Non-Secular.  The schools have been researched by KRS members.

Christian Online Homeschools

a) PreK-12
b) Pay as you go (at least 10 month plan)
c) Free 25hrs week

a) K-12
b) Can start your own school with there curriculum
c) Pay

3. All in one
Easy Peasy (The name)
a) Free
b) K-12

a) Pay
b) 9th-12th
c) Tutoring
d) Adult GED
e) Summer school

a) Pay
b) PreK-12
c) Flexible payment options

6. MODG.COM (Mother of Divine Grace School)
a) Pay
b) Financial Aide
c) Languages- Latin, French, Spanish, etc.

7. Seasonofseven.
a) Pay


Non Secular Online Homeschools

a) Free
b) Languages (Have other languages)
c) Tutor

2. Discovery
a) Pay $20 monthly

3. Oak Meadow K-12
a) Pay

4. Waldo Essentials 2yr old-12th grade
a) Pay
b) Sign language
c) Music
d) Chorus
e) Zoom 5 days wk, Friday no homework
f) K-12 Software
g) 1-8 Enrichment
h) Life skills
i) Botany

5. Power Home
a) Pay
b) K-12 software

6. Castle
a) Pay
b) K-12
c) Instant grading

Teachers and Resources

BRENDA MCCRAY-Organizer and resource information

RODICA-Teacher, Tutor, Resources


COLEY-Teacher, Tutor, Resources

DR. FELECIA-Resources

MARILYN LAWRENCE-Resources (Fund raising) for Regular Education and Special needs. Example: Schools supplies and computers, etc.