Film & Television Philosophy
10 Week Course.

Mon & Wed. 9-10:30 pm
Duration: 1:30 min
Fee: $50.00
Instructor: David Bradley

Course Syllabus:

Class 1:
Class Intro ( David film/tv background)
Student background intro
“What is Film & Television Philosophy?”
Class 2:
Power of Myth
Brief intro to Joseph Campbell
“Do you believe in mythology?”
Class 3/4:
TV & Film Culture
Ground breaking TV & Cinema
Culturally significant films
Sex & Violence in film
“Prophecy or paying it forward?”
Class 5/6:
Science Fiction/Fantasy
Sophia Stewart, J.K. Rowling
“It can’t be? Could it?”
Class 7/8:
Movie Noire (so called “classics”)
Why Sexism/Racism?
Films that pushed racist/sexist agendas
Movie standard ratings, is there still a need?
Class 9:
Symbolism in Film
What does it all mean?
Class 10:
Conspiracy in Film & TV
“Nothing we see is true but its exactly what happened”